Fraternity History

Gamma Beta Fraternity, Inc. is an Asian-American interest fraternity. Gamma Beta is dedicated to the betterment of men through brotherhood, academics, and community service. Gamma Beta is one of the fastest growing Asian-American interest fraternities in Texas and continues to set new standards of excellence on its respective campuses.

Since its inception in the Spring of 2000, Gamma Beta was founded on the principles of morality, discipline, responsibility, unity, and academic excellence. At the time, the nine founders had no idea that what they would begin would become a phenomenon on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Not until a month before the fall semester began did the founders decide to try to start a new fraternity rather than a social club. The goal of Gamma Beta’s founders was to find a fraternity that would unite the Asian American community and provide an outlet for individuals seeking to join a Greek organization based on a manly code of ethics.

Above all else, our first priority in the founding of Gamma Beta was to create a family environment where men of any color, creed, ethnic or religious background could join and feel welcome, where they could find a home away from home. And since our beginnings we have always remembered our roots, our values and the core of our beliefs—the creation of an unprecedented brotherhood.

Beta colony is the first expansion colony, founded by four men in spring 2008. These four men visioned change on their campus, to create awareness for the Asian community. The four men sought to bring the morals,values and beliefs of Gamma Beta to San Antonio, believing they could make “Good Men Better.”

–Making Good Men Better, Since ‘2000

Active Chapters

A Chapter – University of Texas
B Chapter – University of Texas at San Antonio
Γ Chapter – Texas A&M University
Δ Chapter – Oklahoma University
Ε Chapter – Texas Tech University
Z Chapter – University of Houston

Official Purpose

The Official Purpose of the Gamma Beta organization is to better each member as an individual and as a whole and all those in contact with Gamma Beta through a brotherhood promoting and enforcing morality, discipline, responsibility, an unprecedented sense of unity, and high academic standards.